A Population-Based Longitudinal Study on Work and Health

Study Background

The fast changes in the world economy and industrial re-organization in the past years, has led to employees facing mounting pressure to be more competitive. This, in turn, is generating job insecurities and also demanding more cerebral skills and mental performance from workers. These work environmental factors may precipitate the onset of mental disorders. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the determinants of mental health problems at workplaces is critical to the development of effective prevention and promotion strategies.
We are conducting a population-based longitudinal study addressing psychosocial risk factors at work and outside and their effects on common mental disorders and how these psychosocial risk factors and mental health problems affect job performance.

Project Coordinator: Erin Jones

Research Assistants: Jaime Thomas                                                      

Administrative Assistant: Evangelia Kaltsas

Status: Complete test

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